i-Discovery ST-5002 Selfie Handheld Monopod with Holder

  • i-Discovery ST-5002 Selfie Handheld Monopod with Holder
Model: ST5002
Key Features:
1/4” universal screw mount. Fast & secure camera mounting. No coins or screwdriver required. Build-in mirror for overhead shorts and self positioning. Fashionable features with hard anodised finish to prevent rusting. Works with digital cameras, camcorders & portable lights. Fully adjustable to the desired angle, tilt and length (30cm to 95cm). Lanyard included to keep monopod secure while taking a picture.

1. Grip both ends
2. Twist 1/2 turn until the tube can’t be moved.
3. Pull upwards to extend the 4 section. 
4. Twist 1/2 turn to lock.
5. To retract the tubes, twist 1/2 turn and push turn to close.

Inside Package Box:
1 x ST-5002 Selfie Handheld Monopod
1 x Phone Holder
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