About Us

Swissco Technology (industries) Pte Ltd designs and manufacture camera bags, case, photography related products and distribution of photography related products in Singapore.

We started in 2003 manufacturing batteries and power pack. From
then on, our commitment to the photography related products never wavered. Today, Swissco is the leading distributor and manufacturer of photography related products, delivering to people. 

Based in Singapore we have manufacturing facilities, exporting, Europe, India, Russia, Mid-East and Indonesia. we support our distribution and aftermarket products through an international network of distributors.

Whether you need to manufacture bags or need of supplies, whether you’re a global OEM or a Camera distributor, talk to us. Swissco can help

We are on the constant look out for new products and innovations in photography. We welcome partners and business collaborations. If you have any feedbacks and comments to help us improve, contact us at Swissele@singnet.com.sg or contact us directly.

Victor or Paul@ 65694885.
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